Eric Fichtl


Cities create their own landscape, with concrete canyons, 'urban jungles', and towering topography. These shots aim to capture that perspective of the city.

<p>Night and day in transition on an icy Chicago morning.<br /></p>
<p>Commuters emerge from one of Chicago's metro stations into a dark night.</p>
<p>An alley in the twilight.</p>
<p>Tents at the Theresienwiese – home to Munich's Oktoberfest – reflected in a puddle on a still morning.<br /></p>
<p>Snow, cold, and the early hour make for sparse traffic on Manhattan's Third Avenue.</p>
<p>People rushing toward a night out in midtown Manhattan.</p>
<p>A person out for a night stroll in Manhattan.</p>
<p>A view over the rooftops of Quedlinburg on a winter morning.</p>
<p>A night view of the lively Jamaa el Fna.<br /></p>
<p>Workers laying cobbles in Sibiu. </p>
<p>People take in the impressive view over Bergen and its harbour.<br /></p>
<p>A view up one of Buenos Aires' main boulevards, Avenida Callao.</p>
<p>Seen along the Thames.<br /></p>
<p>A view out to sea over the rooftops of Casablanca. The preponderance of satellite dishes is striking.<br /></p>
<p>A view of spires and towers in Quedlinburg on a winter's day.</p>
<p>A view over Munich. Shot from the Monopteros in the Englischer Garten park, the city's skyline is punctuated by church spires.</p>
<p>A view over the rooftops of Kowloon, near the Hong Kong Observatory. The blur results from condensation on the lens due to a rapid transition from a climate-controlled interior to Hong Kong's humid exterior.</p>
<p>A view of Wan Chai's verticality with the Wing Tak blocks on Bowrington Road front and centre, and more towers beyond in Causeway Bay.</p>
<p>People and vehicles negotiate the quasi-controlled chaos of a broad intersection in Shanghai.<br /></p>
<p>Looking down a street toward Munich's Frauenkirche.</p>
<p>A view over Athens toward the Strefi hill, from the Acropolis.</p>
<p>A view over Singapore's public housing blocks and cranes at the city-state's immense container terminals.<br /></p>
<p>From the perspective of the Town Hall's tower, Gdansk's historic centre almost appears to be made up of toy houses.<br /></p>
<p>A view of the high-rise district of Guangzhou (Canton), China's main southern city.</p>
<p>Space-restricted Hong Kong has been building high-density high-rise housing for decades. More and more districts are taking on this character.<br /></p>
<p>A view down Whampoa Street in the Hung Hom district of Hong Kong. <br /></p>
<p>Along the left side of the street there was once a relaxed little restaurant called El Merry where friends and I enjoyed the odd meal.<br /></p>
<p>Hong Kongers rush along the waterfront shortly before midnight on New Year's Eve 2013.</p>
<p>People gather on the tiered walls below Prague Castle to take in the view back over the city.</p>
<p>Greenhouses form an abstract pattern in a valley more than a stone's throw away.</p>
<p>Snow coats a row of homes along Kensal Town's First Avenue, with the Trellick Tower in the distance.</p>
<p>A cluster of makeshift homes on the outskirts of San Salvador. Such homes represent years of effort by their inhabitants, but often these neighbourhoods lack essential services like plumbing, refuse collection, and official recognition of the residents' title to their land. These districts are peripheries not only in the geographical sense, but also in terms of political and economic attention.</p>
<p>A helicopter whisks a VIP over the endless skyline of São Paulo during one of its whiskey-hued afternoons. There's no place quite like this city.</p>
<p>The facade of the Ming Fung Building on Wan Chai Road reveals a few residents still up, burning the midnight oil. <br /></p>
<p>Sparse traffic on Avenida Santa Fe, shot from nine storeys above.<br /></p>
<p>A street scene in old Havana.</p>
<p>A rainy day in Istanbul, shot through the iron-grille windows from Pandeli, a classic restaurant tucked away in the 17th Century Mısır Çarşısı covered market.</p>
<p>An evocative view over one of the most beloved districts of Paris.</p>
<p>Diffused light and swirling rain interplay with the unique contours of the Petronas Towers.</p>
<p>The terraced Chinese Permanent Cemetery hugs the hillsides behind the high-rise towers of Aberdeen, almost forming an ampitheatre where the ancestors can watch over their descendants. </p>
<p>Macao has some of the highest population density figures in the world. Some sections of the geographically constrained city are home to more than 20,000 people per square kilometre. </p>
<p>A man on a balcony in central Havana.</p>
<p>A beautiful view of Guanajuato, from a rather perfectly placed bar, El Gallo Pitagórico. <br /></p><p>I'm still proud of this photo from my early days shooting a manual SLR – nailing the exposure with film in this sort of light was much trickier than with modern digital cameras.</p>
<p>A view over the district of Lyulin, shot through the warped glass of a window.</p>
<p>Graves interweave within the constraining walls of Marrakech's Miaara, a Jewish cemetery in the Mellah district (once the Jewish quarter, when the local population was larger).</p>
<p>A bustling street in Rabat. </p>
<p>A hilltop fortress on a winter morning.<br /></p>
<p>Hong Kong has the world's best skyline (and as a former Chicagoan and New Yorker I can say that). By night, the city's standout skyscrapers illuminate in a choreography of colour while thousands of flats add a galaxy of twinkling lights. Fast moving weather patterns and the faint outline of the Peak further enhance the scene. Here's just some of that mesmerising vista of Central shot from Kowloon.</p>
<p>The vast Theresienwiese in Munich, sans Oktoberfest trimmings.</p>