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A few details about the person behind this website.

I’m that guy in the picture.

I am an editor and a writer, with a background in publishing, journalism, websites, and design. I also love photography and am exploring my interest in filmmaking.

Spoiler alert: This site features some of my writing and photography.




My career has focused on supporting nonprofit organisations and social justice causes. I studied history and international affairs. I’ve resided in a number of places including Berlin, Bonn, New York, Hong Kong, Sofia, Buenos Aires, London, Chicago, and Geneva. I remain available for call-up to the Irish squad, should a deficient right-back be required (hint, hint).


  • Less-than-useful facts about me

  • First camera (ca. 1984)
    Kodak Disc 3500
  • First SLR (1998)
    Pentax ZX-M / MZ-M
  • Football leanings
    Country over club, come on Ireland!
    Member, Union Berlin (but Hertha-friendly).
    Co-owner, Lewes FC.
    Argentina over Brazil, Boca over River.
    Richard Dunne, si. Sergio Ramos, no.
    Allez les Écureuils!
  • Clock format
    24-hour clock, it's just clearer
  • Favourite food
    Might just be flautas de queso.
    Saag panir, arugula pizza, and fondue close seconds.
    I could survive on baguettes indefinitely.
  • Favourite element


El Equipo

A revealing new documentary from Bernardo Ruiz – visit the film's website and read my personal reflection on contributing to the production.

Note: The texts here come from work done around the world in different professional and academic settings, where I generally adhered to the prevailing local style. I don't deem it necessary to harmonise styles now.

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<p>Some buildings in the Kremlin compound feature bricks bearing the stamp of their manufacturer, Central something something something...</p>
<p>A winch once used to pull fishing boats from the fjord.</p>
<p>Beautifully aged shutters on an old house in Sibiu.<br /></p>
<p>A view over Setenil de las Bodegas, one of Andalusia's white hill towns. <br /></p>


Years as a vegetarian
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Fairtrade coffees per day
2 and 10+
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