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<p>Two well-armed national police officers patrol the streets of Tame, passing sun-beaten election murals for the then-mayor.</p>

Here is a random sample of my photos. Visit my galleries for many more.

<p>Men gather to read and air their birds in the shade of a tiny park wedged between busy streets in Aberdeen, Hong Kong. Taking a caged bird for a walk is an old tradition – it is said that the birds are inspired to sing more beautifully by these meet-ups.<br /></p>
<p>A woman and her dog take in the dramatic waters while crossing the Maria Kristina zubia (bridge) in Donostia. The Urumea river flows into the Bay of Biscay just beyond those buildings, and on this winter day winds off the Atlantic were driving waves well upstream. <br /></p>
<p>Hannover's landmark Anzeiger-Hochhaus is one of Germany's first high-rise buildings. Clad in brick over an underlying steel frame, it dates from 1927 and was designed by Fritz Höger. It has long housed the editorial offices of local media outlets, and survived the aerial bombardment that leveled much of the city centre during the Second World War. </p>
<p>A Colombian Army soldier charges ahead. </p>
<p>A night at a cosy bar in the Marais. <br /></p>
<p>One of my favourite photos (of mine).</p>
<p>The biggest party on earth, Rio de Janeiro's Carnaval converts the sprawling city into a festival of samba, smiles, and surreal spectacle for several days. So Bacchic are the festivities, it's hard to fathom that the Carnaval is rooted in Christian tradition. Here, thousands of revelers watch the famed samba schools in their endless and enormous procession through the purpose-built Sambódromo.<br /></p>
<p>An interior shot of St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow's Red Square, peering up one of the octagonal spires capped by the church's famous onion domes. <br /></p><p>Dating from the mid 16th Century, the structure is a unique oddity – an asymmetric labyrinth of chapels and corridors on the interior, with ten cylindrical domed towers each bearing their own signature style on the exterior – that has long been a symbol of Russia. </p>
<p>Vegetable sellers set out their produce at the central market while a youngster waits to play. </p>

A lot of what I write professionally carries no by-line. Here are some of the works I have put my name to.