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<p>Children playing along Dili's waterfront after the daily rainstorm.</p>

Here is a random sample of my photos. Visit my galleries for many more.

<p>The unique contours of the Munich Olympic Stadium, designed by architect Günther Behnisch and engineer Frei Otto for the summer games of 1972. The famous suspended roof — a vast tent of glass panels held aloft by steel cables and pillars — still looks futuristic almost 50 years after it was erected. </p>
<p>Some of the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo prepare to air their calls for justice directly at the presidential palace in Buenos Aires. Their intense expressions match the determination they have shown in their decades-long struggle for accountability.</p>
<p>A rather elaborate and oddly placed take-down of Canada's then-prime minister, Stephen Harper. </p>
<p>'In democracy and dictatorship, the state tortures you.' A tag capturing a certain Argentine nihilism.</p>
<p>These trees are shaped by the winds that come in off the Atlantic, as well as the sandy soil they took root in.</p>
<p>Layers of facade gradually eroding from a building in Prague.<br /></p>
<p>A view of spires and towers in Quedlinburg on a winter's day.</p>
<p>A Stolperstein (stumbling stone) embedded in the pavement outside a flat in Berlin. <br /></p>
<p>Begun in the 1990s by German artist Gunter Demnig, the Stolpersteine mark the last place of residence of those persecuted by the Nazi regime and share basic details of that person's life. Over 75,000 Stolpersteine have been placed in numerous countries, and the project continues. This one reads:</p>
<p><em>Here lived Gertrud Baruch.<br />Born in 1876.<br />Deported 24 Oct 1941 to Łódź / Litzmannstadt. <br />Murdered 4 May 1942.</em><br /> </p>

A lot of what I write professionally carries no by-line. Here are some of the works I have put my name to.