Eric Fichtl


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<p>Fishermen sell their catch near the port in Sozopol, Bulgaria.</p>

Here is a random sample of my photos. Visit my galleries for many more.

<p>'Smoke before life smokes you'. A healthy dose of nihilism on an electric box.</p>
<p>A telephoto shot of the Odle group, some of the signature jagged peaks of the Dolomites. The cloud formations that whip through these teeth are a spectacle to behold.</p>
<p>A wave looms during afternoon showers in the waters off Jaco. </p>
<p>Lago Escondido at dusk.</p>
<p>Portland is a pro-bike, anti-car kind of town – as eloquently stated on this post about local transport options.</p>
<p>Clouds cast shadows over the arid landscape of the Christoffelpark, as seen from the highest point in Curaçao.</p>
<p>Fields of varying patterns (and crop circles?!) near Stonehenge. </p>
<p>Two girls explore their flood-damaged former neighbourhood just behind the national congress on the banks of the Paraguay River. Their homes were flooded a few weeks before Christmas in 1997, forcing their already struggling families to relocate to makeshift residences in a public square.</p>

A lot of what I write professionally carries no by-line. Here are some of the works I have put my name to.