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<p>Two well-armed national police officers patrol the streets of Tame, passing sun-beaten election murals for the then-mayor.</p>

Here is a random sample of my photos. Visit my galleries for many more.

<p>An angular modern house plays with the slope of its plot near Bressanone. The large front windows overlook vineyards.</p>
<p>A view of the high-rise district of Guangzhou (Canton), China's main southern city.</p>
<p>A woman stands near an office for the Committee for the Defence of the Revolution. Set up in the early days of the Cuban revolution to counter saboteurs and counter-revolutionary activities, they have persisted as a sort of hybrid 'neighbourhood watch' and community welfare association. Critics contend they constitute little more than a vast network of informants for the government, while defenders claim they are essential for the local coordination of everything from vaccination campaigns and blood drives to hurricane evacuations.</p>
<p>Lago Escondido at dusk.</p>
<p>The terraced Chinese Permanent Cemetery hugs the hillsides behind the high-rise towers of Aberdeen, almost forming an ampitheatre where the ancestors can watch over their descendants. </p>
<p>People gather around a statue of Hong Kong film idol Bruce Lee. <br /></p>
<p>A stencil in Moscow.</p>
<p>A waterfall about a day's hike north of Upsete, in the Grånosmyrane reserve in central Norway.</p>

A lot of what I write professionally carries no by-line. Here are some of the works I have put my name to.