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<p>A man thinks while drinking pulque, a traditional Mesoamerican indigenous drink made from the maguey plant.</p>

Here is a random sample of my photos. Visit my galleries for many more.

<p>In Kliptown, Soweto, a monument conveys the popular demands of the Freedom Charter – drawn together in 1955 as a unified statement of ambitions by numerous anti-Apartheid political movements including the African National Congress (ANC). The Charter is unambiguous in challenging the racialist regime and its organisers were branded traitors by the Apartheid government. <br /></p><p>Less than 40 years later, sections of the Freedom Charter were incorporated into South Africa's new constitution, and the ANC emerged as the ruling party. </p>
<p>A Colombian Army soldier charges ahead. </p>
<p>A view over Munich. Shot from the Monopteros in the Englischer Garten park, the city's skyline is punctuated by church spires.</p>
<p>Rowers power through the waters of Köpenick.<br /></p>
<p>An autumn afternoon on Berlin's Oderberger Strasse.<br /></p>
<p>A busy morning in Rabat.</p>
<p>A cook works the kitchen as an evening wears on.</p>
<p>Vibrant, bold leaves in the rainforest grounds of the Forest Research Institute Malaysia, just outside Kuala Lumpur.</p>

A lot of what I write professionally carries no by-line. Here are some of the works I have put my name to.