Eric Fichtl

Faroe Islands

<p>Soaring cliffs and crashing waves at Sumba, the southernmost village of the Faroe Islands.<br /></p>
<p>A view encapsulating the rugged Faroese landscape. <br /></p>
<p>Dramatic skies enhance the view from Kallur back toward the sea stacks off Eysturoy.</p>
<p>Cliffs and sea stacks on the northwest coast of Suðuroy.</p>
<p>A solitary cabin in the pastures near Í Botni, on the southernmost island of the Faroes. </p>
<p>A view over the village of Fámjin. The structure in the foreground, slowly being reclaimed by the grass, is a stone sheep shelter.</p>
<p>A pair of visitors to the cemetery at St. Olaf's Church, a small and centuries-old parish.</p>
<p>A momentary spotlight of sunshine illuminates the winding road out of Funningur.</p>
<p>A winch once used to pull fishing boats from the fjord.</p>
<p>An inquisitive stare from a sheep in the village of Hov. Sheep farming is a major industry in the Faroe Islands.</p>
<p>The light from sunrise coating the coast of Suðuroy.</p>
<p>Clouds cling to the contours of Kalsoy island, closing in on the tiny village of Syðradalur.</p>
<p>A view over the village of Oyrarbakki. </p>
<p>A view from the village of Mikladalur.<br /></p>
<p>The gentle slope toward a sheer drop at Sørvágsvatn.</p>
<p>An almost monochromatic seascape.<br /></p>
<p>An idyllic cabin in the hills above Árnafjørður. </p>
<p>A boat navigates the Funningsfjørður, a deep fjord that cuts through the island of Eysturoy.</p>
<p>A view over the hills and cliffs near Í Botni at sunrise.</p>
<p>A view of the village of Hov.</p>
<p>A sunrise view across the fjord looking toward the island of Eysturoy.</p>
<p>A spiral staircase in Vágur.</p>