Eric Fichtl


Photos of nature and the outdoors, from sweeping wide shots to little details.

<p>Mist engulfs the church of Santa Maria della Pietà, with the peak of Gran Sasso in the distance.</p>
<p>Early morning fog on Papillensee, a small lake.</p>
<p>A waterfall feeding the Wackbach, a mountain stream on the Seeberg in the Bavarian Alps.</p>
<p>Soaring cliffs and crashing waves at Sumba, the southernmost village of the Faroe Islands.<br /></p>
<p>A view out into the Venice lagoon on a winter day.<br /></p>
<p>A view encapsulating the rugged Faroese landscape. <br /></p>
<p>A paraglider over the Langkofel (Sassolungo) massif in the Dolomites. <br /></p>
<p>Shot with Pentax 645N, 645 FA 80-160, Cinestill 800.<br /></p>
<p>Dramatic skies enhance the view from Kallur back toward the sea stacks off Eysturoy.</p>
<p>Gentle peaks reflect in a reedy lake.<br /></p>
<p>Cliffs and sea stacks on the northwest coast of Suðuroy.</p>
<p>Darkness envelopes two tents in the Norwegian wilderness.</p>
<p>A bridge along the hike from Upsete to Flåm, in central Norway. It had a nice bounce to it. <br /></p>
<p>A boat beckons, a cottage calls... Many homes in the area come replete with a boathouse. </p>
<p>A waterfall about a day's hike north of Upsete, in the Grånosmyrane reserve in central Norway.</p>
<p>A solitary cabin in the pastures near Í Botni, on the southernmost island of the Faroes. </p>
<p>A view over the village of Fámjin. The structure in the foreground, slowly being reclaimed by the grass, is a stone sheep shelter.</p>
<p>A momentary spotlight of sunshine illuminates the winding road out of Funningur.</p>
<p>A winch once used to pull fishing boats from the fjord.</p>
<p>An inquisitive stare from a sheep in the village of Hov. Sheep farming is a major industry in the Faroe Islands.</p>
<p>A detail of the crumbling masonry that once enabled the Great Wall to traverse the terrain of imperial China's border. I understand these sections have been restored since this photograph was taken.<br /></p>
<p>Fog, snow, and cold air cloak the forested hills near Bad Freienwalde.</p>
<p>The light from sunrise coating the coast of Suðuroy.</p>
<p>Clouds cling to the contours of Kalsoy island, closing in on the tiny village of Syðradalur.</p>
<p>A fallen tree in the forests between Buckow and Müncheberg.</p>
<p>A view over the village of Oyrarbakki. </p>
<p>A view from the village of Mikladalur.<br /></p>
<p>The starry night near Parey.<br /></p>
<p>The gentle slope toward a sheer drop at Sørvágsvatn.</p>
<p>An almost monochromatic seascape.<br /></p>
<p>An idyllic cabin in the hills above Árnafjørður. </p>
<p>A boat navigates the Funningsfjørður, a deep fjord that cuts through the island of Eysturoy.</p>
<p>A view over the hills and cliffs near Í Botni at sunrise.</p>
<p>A hillside of trees coated in snow just after sunrise.</p>
<p>A view of the village of Hov.</p>
<p>Smoke and soccer in Soweto.</p>
<p>A sunrise view across the fjord looking toward the island of Eysturoy.</p>
<p>An arch of stars stretches across the heavens in a dark sky area in Germany.<br /></p>
<p>Small details in woodlands near Buckow, Germany.</p>
<p>Sunlight slices through forests beneath the Odle peaks.</p>
<p>A view over misty hills, seen from a stretch of the Great Wall.</p>
<p>Fields near Obersdorf create an abstract intersecting pattern.</p>
<p>Cherry blossoms in bloom in Berlin. <br /></p>
<p>The swirling background comes from a fantastic old lens, the Asahi SMC Takumar 135/f3.5. </p>
<p>Morning sun illuminates some slopes on Sas de Pütia. <br /></p>
<p>Snow-coated branches intermingle ad infinitum.</p>
<p>Farm fields in subdued light early on a Christmas morning.</p>
<p>Scenery along a trail toward Crusc and other peaks in the Dolomites.</p>
<p>Faint snow falls over rolling hills in the Märkische Schweiz region.</p>
<p>A tall oak and other trees coated just perfectly during a rare Berlin snowfall. <br /></p>
<p>As I took this picture, a woman walking her dog passed by and said 'No one will ever believe those pictures are from Berlin'. Fair point.</p>
<p>A pair of hikers heading toward the Sas de Pütia / Peitlerkofel peak, visible during a brief clearing in the mists and clouds that were whipping around up there. </p>
<p>Peering down from the cliffs at the Cape of Good Hope.</p>
<p>Strange skies over Berlin on 12 July 2020.</p>
<p>Two fishermen collect a trap, with the crustaceans inside doomed to a dinner plate that evening.</p>
<p>Fields of varying patterns (and crop circles?!) near Stonehenge. </p>
<p>The spectacular Véu da Noiva (Bridal Veil) waterfall in the Chapada dos Guimarães National Park. The falls drop a dramatic 86 metres into a perfect pool...</p>
<p>Trees peek through the mist in Val di Funes – a great welcome for a day of hiking!<br /></p>
<p>Clouds cast shadows over the arid landscape of the Christoffelpark, as seen from the highest point in Curaçao.</p>
<p>A view over the Val di Funes toward the famous Odle group of peaks in the Dolomites.<br /></p>
<p>A trail near Plose invites exploration.</p>
<p>In the local Ladin language, these peaks are called Odle (needles), which does describe their steep, sharp peaks – here partly obscured by clustering clouds.</p>
<p>A miniature still-life scene found in a forest in the Dolomites.</p>
<p>An old man drags timber back toward his village at the foot of the Balkan Mountains. <br /></p>
<p>A view over farm fields from the impressive clifftop town of Ronda, in Andalucia.</p>
<p>A view of the fast-changing rainy season weather, somewhere in the Timorese central highlands.</p>
<p>A wave looms during afternoon showers in the waters off Jaco. </p>
<p>A farmer carries some of his harvest through terraced paddies.</p>
<p>Barberries provide a burst of colour in the winter. At least, I think they're barberries (I didn't do a taste test).<br /></p>
<p>A view of the trees and peaks near Rila Monastery. </p>
<p>A scene along a trail in the Isarco valley, near Sciaves / Schabs.</p>
<p>Sheep graze near Cape Arkona, on the German island of Rügen.</p>
<p>The sea goes dark at dusk.</p>
<p>Lago Escondido at dusk.</p>
<p>A clearing in a forest in Argentina's far south.<br /></p>
<p>An explosion of colour in the autumn leaves.</p>
<p>Jungle meets sea along a stretch of the almost untouched coastline of Timor-Leste's far east, between Com and Jaco.</p>
<p>A solitary figure at a beach on the Oregon coast. <br /></p>
<p>A telephoto shot of the Odle group, some of the signature jagged peaks of the Dolomites. The cloud formations that whip through these teeth are a spectacle to behold.</p>
<p>A farmer tends to his terraced crops in central Timor-Leste's highlands. </p>
<p>A sweeping view at Dolphin Head, on South Carolina's Hilton Head Island. </p>
<p>From a narrow trail, a view southward toward the Odle group of peaks and beyond.</p>
<p>Two people walking along a path somewhere near Laga, in eastern Timor-Leste.</p>
<p>Palms reach for the little fluffy clouds above Singapore.</p>
<p>Timor-Leste's rainy season delivers another dramatic sky out of the blue, this time at Jesus Backside Beach – so named for being behind the large statue of Christ that overlooks Dili's seafront. These clouds emerged suddenly and with tremendous rain moments later, before dissipating just as quickly as they'd arrived.</p>
<p>A hut in the mountains en route to Ramelau, with the dramatic weather of the rainy season appearing again!</p>
<p>A storm front moves in over rice paddies near Ubud, on Bali. </p>
<p>A view of the Sas de Pütia / Peitlerkofel peak from a bit down-valley. </p>
<p>An inviting trail.<br /></p>
<p>A breathtaking panorama from a clifftop in the Chapada dos Guimarães National Park, in western Brazil.</p>
<p>A small beach on Ilhabela, a mountainous island not so distant – and yet a world away – from the urban expanse of São Paulo.</p>
<p>A miniature forest grows in a tree stump that resembles the jutting peaks of the Dolomites, where this photo was taken.<br /></p>
<p>A quiet (abandoned?) cabin in the forests of Askøy, an island off Norway's coast near Bergen.</p>
<p>A telephoto shot of the face of some of the lesser Dolomite peaks, with the Odle group in the distance.</p>
<p>A view of the Dolomites from the Alta Via Dolomiti trail, near Villnöß. </p>
<p>Peaks pile up in a view from Plose down the Val Isarco.</p>
<p>Morning mist hangs in the trees of the Val di Funes.<br /></p>
<p>A family walks through the fields outside Marktoberdorf, Bavaria.</p>
<p>A view en route to Christoffelberg, Curaçao's highest peak. While only 371 metres high, it is still something of a strenuous climb in the Caribbean heat.</p>
<p>An eerie fishing boat anchored off the island of Ko Samet.</p>
<p>A dramatic view from Chapman's Peak across Hout Bay, on the Cape Peninsula.</p>
<p>A person enjoys the spectacular views over Cape Town and the ocean from atop Table Mountain. The sky was amazing that day.</p>
<p>A solitary tree in the vast spaces of Kruger National Park.</p>
<p>An opuntia cactus at Boka Grandi. </p>
<p>The rainforest canopy towers not all that far from Kuala Lumpur's skyscrapers.</p>
<p>This plant's bright orange flowers almost serve as a warning about the substantial thorns. Spotted in the Christoffelpark, a nature reserve home to Curaçao's highest point.</p>
<p>A view over Setenil de las Bodegas, one of Andalusia's white hill towns. <br /></p>
<p>Storm clouds arrive at la Santísima Trinidad de Paraná, one of the Jesuit <em>reducciónes</em> (missionary colonies) built in this region during the 17th and 18th Centuries. They fell into ruin when the Jesuits were expelled by Spain in 1767. </p>
<p>A view of the Uspallata Pass, high in the Andes. <br /></p>
<p>A woman enjoys a moment of calm in the waters off Montevideo.<br /></p>
<p>A tree in the bushveld's immense space.</p>
<p>Vibrant, bold leaves in the rainforest grounds of the Forest Research Institute Malaysia, just outside Kuala Lumpur.</p>
<p>A walk in a forest reveals a sort of swamp amid the trees. <br /></p>
<p>These trees are shaped by the winds that come in off the Atlantic, as well as the sandy soil they took root in.</p>
<p>A desolate but peaceful landscape in central Iowa, on one of those bitingly cold but clear days in the US Midwest.<br /></p>
<p>Gentle waves entering the cosy cove of Playa Jeremi.</p>
<p>A beautiful winter day on the beach, complemented by wispy clouds</p>
<p>An eerie spectacle created by farmers burning their fields by night. The technique can improve soil fertility and kill pests, but also emits greenhouse gases and air pollution.<br /></p>
<p>Offering shade and casting a marvelous transfused light, these palms bring additional calm to Bali's special vibe. Botany fans, is this <em>Cyrtostachys renda</em>?</p>
<p>The fronds of a palm prepare to open.</p>
<p>A silky sky hangs over fields near the Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary.</p>