Eric Fichtl


<p>A pleasing clash of styles at the transition between Chinatown and the Central business district. Amoy Street is full of Singapore's characteristic shophouses, which typically combine commercial activities (shops, restaurants) on the ground floor with residences above.</p>
<p>Undeniably eye-catching, the waterfront duo of the ArtScience Museum (right) and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel also scream 'prestige project', those architectural undertakings aimed at putting a city (back) on the map. The hotel's three columns contain the rooms, and support a cantilevered terrace featuring an infinity pool looking out over the rest of Singapore's skyline.</p>
<p>A view over Singapore's public housing blocks and cranes at the city-state's immense container terminals.<br /></p>
<p>Palms reach for the little fluffy clouds above Singapore.</p>