Eric Fichtl


<p>Mist engulfs the church of Santa Maria della Pietà, with the peak of Gran Sasso in the distance.</p>
<p>Interesting arches over a passageway in central Rome.<br /></p>
<p>A bustling night scene in a San Polo passageway, Venice.<br /></p>
<p>Waves gently lap over the Fondamenta Cannaregio as people stroll by.<br /></p>
<p>A graffito near the end of one of the innumerable Venetian alleys curtailed by a canal.</p>
<p>A scene on Venice's Grand Canal.<br /></p>
<p>Details of a doorway on Calle del Forno, one of Venice's numerous alleys.</p>
<p>A cook works the kitchen as an evening wears on.</p>
<p>A figure crosses the Ponte de la Balote by night.<br /></p>
<p>A view out into the Venice lagoon on a winter day.<br /></p>
<p>People walk along the fondamenti either side of the Canale di Cannaregio, one of Venice's larger canals. The wake from passing boats washes up over the walkways. </p>
<p>A gondola slices through the waters of the Rio di San Salvador – notice how much of the slender hull is above water.</p>
<p>A paraglider over the Langkofel (Sassolungo) massif in the Dolomites. <br /></p>
<p>Shot with Pentax 645N, 645 FA 80-160, Cinestill 800.<br /></p>
<p>Sunlight slices through forests beneath the Odle peaks.</p>
<p>Morning sun illuminates some slopes on Sas de Pütia. <br /></p>
<p>Scenery along a trail toward Crusc and other peaks in the Dolomites.</p>
<p>A pair of hikers heading toward the Sas de Pütia / Peitlerkofel peak, visible during a brief clearing in the mists and clouds that were whipping around up there. </p>
<p>Trees peek through the mist in Val di Funes – a great welcome for a day of hiking!<br /></p>
<p>A view over the Val di Funes toward the famous Odle group of peaks in the Dolomites.<br /></p>
<p>A trail near Plose invites exploration.</p>
<p>A streetlight works wonders on an old wall.</p>
<p>A group enjoying a spot of window shopping on a quiet night in Bressanone.</p>
<p>In the local Ladin language, these peaks are called Odle (needles), which does describe their steep, sharp peaks – here partly obscured by clustering clouds.</p>
<p>Signs of life at a storefront that's seen better days.</p>
<p>Teenage prank? Threat? A black handprint on a wall raises unfortunate allusions to the old <em>mano nera</em> extortion tactics.</p>
<p>A miniature still-life scene found in a forest in the Dolomites.</p>
<p>A scene along a trail in the Isarco valley, near Sciaves / Schabs.</p>
<p>A cyclist passes a stationary cycle. </p>
<p>A telephoto shot of the Odle group, some of the signature jagged peaks of the Dolomites. The cloud formations that whip through these teeth are a spectacle to behold.</p>
<p>From a narrow trail, a view southward toward the Odle group of peaks and beyond.</p>
<p>The spiral staircase of a modern flat takes on a different air by night.</p>
<p>A night scene in Bressanone / Brixen.</p>
<p>A view of the Sas de Pütia / Peitlerkofel peak from a bit down-valley. </p>
<p>Greenhouses form an abstract pattern in a valley more than a stone's throw away.</p>
<p>A cosy interior but no one to enjoy it.</p>
<p>A miniature forest grows in a tree stump that resembles the jutting peaks of the Dolomites, where this photo was taken.<br /></p>
<p>An angular modern house plays with the slope of its plot near Bressanone. The large front windows overlook vineyards.</p>
<p>An impressive amount of sass from two minimalist mannequins.</p>
<p>A telephoto shot of the face of some of the lesser Dolomite peaks, with the Odle group in the distance.</p>
<p>A view of the Dolomites from the Alta Via Dolomiti trail, near Villnöß. </p>
<p>Peaks pile up in a view from Plose down the Val Isarco.</p>
<p>Morning mist hangs in the trees of the Val di Funes.<br /></p>
<p>An ochre wall catches the morning sun.</p>